About Us


It all started with a thought. After a lengthy conversation between two sisters: Red Door Boutique was born. So who are these sisters you ask? Well, we are only 15 months apart but you would never guess we’re sisters just by looking at us. We are very different in many ways including how we look. See exhibit A. I bet you thought one of us looked like Mowgli. You scrolled up and looked again didn’t you? Today, one is still dark, one is still fair. One is short, one is tall. One is very organized, one is…well…not. You get where I’m going with this, right?

We enjoy style and fashion, even as little girls. It started with our Mom dressing us like twins. As teenagers, our Dad would lock our bedroom doors to prevent the clothing wars and he would always say “How do you even wear the same clothes”? (And yes, little sister did pick the lock with a bobby pin, “borrow” clothes and then hide them in her room.) As adults, we still like the same clothing but we definitely have our own individual style. We have brought this individuality and a little of us, in our boutique clothing.

As stay home moms and money conscious women we wanted to offer our clothing at the prices that we are willing to buy them for ourselves. Being able to purchase affordable clothing is important and part of what Red Door Boutique is about. It is also important to our boutique to have comfortable clothing that you can dress up or dress down or even mix and match to make more outfits. We categorize our boutique as modest, trendy, classic basics with quality.


Well, it has almost been a year and looking back….it’s been rough.  I wish I could say, it has been as easy as I thought it was going to be, but that is far from the truth. My fun Sister (I’m more serious, AKA Mowgli to her), decided to take a break from the Red Door, as this hobby became too much and she needed to focus on her family. So, I’m being brave and taking things on by myself. If you are an existing customer, keep coming back and if you are a new customer, welcome. You can also follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook @reddoor.utah to see all the latest and greatest.

Now, go buy yourself something that you need…on our site.